How it works

It is very simple. A Besized button is placed on the order page. The customer uses the button to open the Besized application and instantly sees which basic measurements of the child are needed. After entering these details, Besized can calculate the perfect size, based on the size specifications of certain clothing brand.

Many possibilities

Besized offers more. For example, the customer can create size profiles for more than one child. Besized can also give a prognosis of children's sizes in e.g. 6 months. This makes it more appealing to buy for another season during the sale. What is more, Besized is designed in a way that allows future linking to innovative solutions such as smart scales or 3D body scanning.

Increases conversion

Consumers will buy beforehand if they are sure about the size

Decreases return costs

Knowing the right size prevents the return of orders

Improves image

Fewer return shipments contribute to a more sustainable environment

Reduces costs

Besized enables customers to always order the right size. This will not only reduce your return rates, but also your costs to process these returns.

Improves stock control

A lower return rate means a better understanding and control of your stock.

Increases effectivity sale

Besized can give a prognosis of children's sizes in for example 6 months. This makes it more appealing to buy for another season during the sale.

Lowers purchase threshold

When using Besized, your customer will know for sure that the clothes will fit and don't need to be returned. The decision to order something will be easier.

Pleasant shopping experience

A positive experience drives customers to return to your online shop sooner for a new order.

Customer returns

A satisfied customer becomes more loyal and will more often choose your website for a new purchase.

I believe Besized is a must-have service for every web shop. In addition, our returns have decreased and conversion has increased considerably.

Rutger van den Brule, E-commerce manager Vingino

Our clients

An increasing amount of webshops use Besized to reduce returns costs, increase conversion and offer additional service to consumers.

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